Client Transformation – Sheldon

Sheldon’s dedication to giving the 12 week nutrition program a go was great news after his awesome wife Andrea purchased a gift certificate for his 40th birthday gift!  I knew the changes not only physical but an overall lifestyle change would be important for Sheldon!

Over the duration of the program he has really asked questions, sought my advice for traveling and work events, checked in every week, held himself accountable and learnt new habits and behaviors in order to adapt this healthier way of eating, training and living.  I see that smile and sparkle as he is not only looking better but feeling better, sleeping better, has more energy and is working hard during his workouts!  He truly is fueling his body to perform better on a daily basis, and that makes me a PROUD coach!

Client Transformation – Jeannine

Client testimony time!! Jeannine has been working hard and her progress shows. She is set on achieving her OWN goals and always works hard! I am super proud as a coach to watch her grow, be better and stronger!

Here is her testimony about the 12 week nutrition program and training with me at Foundation Fitness!

My Transformation Tuesday: 2012 – 2015

Transformation Tuesday!
This is a few years of training and getting back into contest mode after having my 2 girls. It has been a process but my my main objectives are:
♡My Desire to be better

♡ My dedication to my training

News & Updates – Post Competition

It’s been awhile since I posted a blog.  I have been busy going from training mode for my competitions this year to training my clients, being a mother, doing household and yardwork tasks, camping and spending time with family & friends…

My success this year can only be described in a phrase I kept rehearsing to myself over and over while getting near the end of my journey. “This is my Year of Glorification!”  It so happens that this is my in-laws message this year for their church, how ironic.  I have been blessed in so many ways, and where to start is the question.

SABBA 2015 Provincial Championships

SABBA Prov 2015 Show is complete. I placed 4th in a great class of 7 ladies for the women’s open physique. My goal was to make improvements and changes to my shape, and symmetry but I have more development to progress and be better, years to come!!!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to my solid Rock and the foundation of my life, my hubby, and to the best youngest fans, my two beautiful girls who waited patiently for me to come on stage. Second to my great friend and coach Leah Berti for guiding me, keeping me on track with MY goals, supporting, inspiring and just clicking so well with me and pushing me to be better than before!! Team MZFits!!

Client Transformation – Bree

Shout out Saturday to my sis!!

The difference in progress pics is 11 months!!  She has been dedicated and working hard during her workouts, nutrition program and other activities to lead by example and live a healthy lifestyle.  This DID NOT come easy, nor was it a short period of time, as I often tell my clients, this is a LIFESTYLE!!

Client Transformation – Donna Landega

The transformation pic on the left is April 2014, the one on the right is today Mar.1/2015! To say Donna Landega has made progress and changed for the better is an understatement!!

Here is Donna’s testimony so far:

It is crazy to look back and see how far I have come. Sometimes it seems like nothing is happening but in reality it has been. Thank you for helping me on this journey.

Jaime – SABBA Prov. Show

Well its the morning after my show and I am eating my fish and healthy brownie, mmm.  The SABBA Provincial Show on Saturday June 14th, 2014 was great.  The show was large with over 140 competitors ranging in all categories and age groups, levels, etc.  It was truly a great day and more experience under my belt.

For the past 20 weeks I am been preparing my physique to be the best possible.  This means, 100% compliance to my own nutrition plan, cardio and weight training programs which had great phases at different levels to really improve on myself as a whole.  This was my best showing from past shows I have been in, and my ultimate goal was to place Top 3.

My Journey to the Stage – Part 2

Well it’s been over 2 months since I posted any progress for my journey to the stage.  Now keep in mind, everyone has different goals.  My goals are to improve and be better than I was during my last show.  There is always room for improvement and progress to be made.  My “off season” weight so to speak will be quite different than contest prep time.

No goal was ever reached without hard work, determination, patience and positivity. Don’t get me wrong, the road may be bumpy on the way, hurdles to overcome, sacrifices to make, and perservance to hold on too but most of all, eye on the prize!

Foundation Client Transformation: Darren

Darren has been coming to Men’s Strength Training since the beginning of the year to get back into shape, increase strength, and loose weight.

Well this past month he has made some good progress as he is paying attention to his nutrition, increasing water intake daily and working hard in group training, and it shows!

Work Hard, Be Consistent, RESULTS WILL COME!