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Foundation Fitness was established and founded in 2013 by Jaime Otitoju.  At Foundation Fitness our desire, passion and love for strength training, group training, health and fitness and helping others is how our new location came to reality.  We have now been open since March 2019, and are one of Regina’s recognized health & fitness facilities!   We offer 24/7 access with towel service for our members, corporate training packages, personal training, group training classes, online nutrition coaching, training programming, massage therapy, pro shop and much more!

At Foundation Fitness, we strive to achieve a personal service and touch on training and coaching our members and clients to ensure their overall health and fitness is better.   We truly want you to feel like this is your gym and number one facility for all your health & fitness goals!  We want YOU to be encouraged, inspired and motivated to be Stronger, Healthier, Happier for life!

We believe our exceptional group of coaches have the level of knowledge, training background and experiences to positively help anyone achieve their health & fitness goals.   We know this can be accomplished in several ways and will tailor any training or nutrition program or service to meet your needs and goals.  If you are passionate about making a change, we will challenge you along the way and ensure you are progressing towards your goals.

Our main goal is to provide you with the proper foundation for your health and fitness through the following 3 principles;

Nutrition – One of the most important elements in building a strong, healthy base is what we fuel our bodies with daily. We need to provide the proper nutrients to our body in order to function and perform optimally. Consistency is the key in adopting healthy eating habits and choices.

Training – In order to create a change with our body we need to apply physical stress and outside force to train our bodies for everyday and strenuous activities. This is geared towards the Cardiorespiratory, Functional Movement & Resistance Training phases. If you stay focused, and work hard you can achieve your goals!

Positivity & Perseverance - You need to have a positive attitude while focusing on reaching your health & fitness goals and to achieve the long-term lifestyle change you deserve. “Your body achieves what your mind believes!”  Perseverance is commitment, hard work, and patience in spite of obstacles.

Be sure to come check out our NEW state of the art facility and let us help you become Stronger, Healthier, Happier for life!


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