Owner, Operator & Head Personal Trainer: Jaime Otitoju

I have been involved in sports and fitness since grade school. I played all sports growing up and as I went through high school I realized my passion for Rugby and weight training. As a young girl, I would often go the gym with my dad and watch people work out and read fitness magazines while he trained.  This was a fundamental part in growing up to love the gym!

I started working and training in the early 2000’s at a few local gyms and decided to complete in my first bodybuilding show.  My long term goal as a natural physique competitor was to earn my pro card in the Ms. Fit Body division. I accomplished this goal through the INBF Canada (WNBF Canada) organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 20th, 2015 and I am a current official WNBF (World Natural BodyBuilding Federation) Professional. A total dream came true and over a decade of hard work!

Jaime is currently a Certified Personal Trainer (Jan.2013), Weight Management Specialist (June 2014) and Youth Fitness Specialist (May 2020) through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) organization and First Aid/CPR & AED certified. She has been involved in the bodybuilding/fitness industry as a competitor over the past 20 years, and was a past club & provincial Rugby player for over 10 years. Jaime is also a Professional Ms.Fit Body athlete through the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) and a Strongwoman athlete and hopes to pursue Powerlifting in the future.

I believe my experience, knowledge, and positivity would be a great asset in helping you achieve your goals. This can be done through one on one training, partner/group training, program development and consultations, encouragement and follow up sessions. If you are passionate about making a change, I will challenge you along the way.

My goal as a Personal Trainer is to provide you with the proper foundation for fitness through the following 3 principles I strongly believe in to achieve your goals; nutrition, training and positivity & perseverance.

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

& Powerlifting Coach: Taylor Baker

Taylor is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS). He holds a Bachelor’s degree with High Honours in Kinesiology majoring in Human Kinetics, and completing a Honours in Sports Nutrition.

Involved in weight training since the age of 12, high school brought Taylor a passion for strength & conditioning with aspirations of playing CIS football. By the age of 16, he was training alongside CIS and CFL football players under the guidance of established strength & conditioning coaches in Regina.

Upon enrolling at the University of Regina, Taylor’s athletic focuses shifted to Rugby as he competed internationally in Colombia and Las Vegas, as well as at the CIS level in Victoria. Academically, Taylor found a passion for exercise and nutritional physiology; eventually working as a lab instructor, teacher’s assistant, and research assistant. Taylor funded his education by working as a personal trainer starting at the age of 17. He began operating his own business by the age of 20, working with team and individual sport athletes, as well as general population clientele.

Upon convocation, Taylor moved to Cairns, Australia to chase his dream of playing professional rugby. Playing in the Far North Queensland Premiership, he had an opportunity to play for the representative side of the region. However, neck and back injuries brought this dream to a close and he found himself a new affection for travel with his girlfriend Kristin—exploring over a dozen countries during the next 3 years.

In that time, Taylor has established an online coaching business working with team sport, strength, and physique athletes, as well as general strength and body composition clients. He specializes in performance training & nutrition, having worked with over a half dozen national level strong(wo)man competitors, as well as countless other strength and team sport athletes. He has a passion for helping all clients achieve sustainable long-term success, while maintaining a healthy relationship with food and a passion for exercise. His own training has become strength focused in the last year, enjoying the sport of powerlifting and looking to pursue it at a higher level as a drug-free coach and athlete.

Personal Trainer:  Kirstie Armstead

I’ve been an athlete my entire life, competing nationally in both swimming and track and field for years!

At 16, I found the gym and weight training and fell in love. Lifting gave me confidence and joy I’d never experienced through other sports and competitions.  I competed in my first bodybuilding competition in the figure category at a young 18 years old.  After 3 years of competing in bodybuilding, at 21, I decided to take a crack at powerlifting and have been competing in that ever since.  I’ve had the opportunity to represent Team Canada and Team Saskatchewan multiple times at international and national competitions. 

In 2016 after having found my love for the gym and training, I got my personal training certification with the NCCPT. Since then I’ve been blessed to work with dozens of people from total gym beginners to experienced athletes helping them reach their goals.  Goals ranging from weight loss, gaining muscle, improving physical fitness as athletes, becoming better powerlifters, and helping find balance amongst life and physical health.

My experiences as both a strength and aesthetic athlete helped shape my training methodologies with clients and have made me into a constant learner, always learning new techniques and methods to use with clients depending on their unique physical situations.

Personal Trainer:  Caitlin Willcox

I’ve competed in competitive cheer and most recently a member of the University of Regina Cheerleading Team.  I am currently 2 years completed in Kinesiology at the U of R, and continue to further myself in my studies and career.

My love for fitness started when I was in high school, I was overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin.  My mom was training with Jaime Otitoju in her studio years ago and that's how it all began!  I decided that I wanted to make a change and so I started going to the gym, and from that day on my passion for fitness grew stronger and stronger with each workout until I eventually made a career out of it!  I love my job because of the environment.  Everyone comes in with different goals, and aspirations; but we all have one things in common, to be the best version of who we are, to come in, get uncomfortable, work hard, and improve day by day.  It's truly amazing to be a part of my client's fitness journey and incredibly rewarding to watch as a Personal Trainer! 

Caitlin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) since October 2020.  She is eager to build her clientele and is now accepting new clients at Foundation Fitness. 

To book a consultation or session contact us or Caitlin today!

Personal Trainer:  Sheldon Fizzard

I have been overweight my entire adult life. It bothered me but not enough to do anything about it. Just before my 39th birthday, my son suffered a near fatal cardiac event. He survived and life was now looking through a very different lens. The time was now. My wife had been training with Jaime for a little while and she convinced me to join her for a session. It didn’t take long before my once-a-week session became 2, then 3, and I was hooked. I have been working out with Jaime for 6 years now. And at 45 years old, I feel stronger and in the best shape of my life!

My career as a Respiratory Therapist gives me further insight into the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and I know how shift work wreaks havoc on your body. I know how my sedentary life made me feel and how much I feel SO much better now.

Recently, I decided to obtain my Personal Trainer Certificate through the ISSA, (International Sports Sciences Association) as I would like to share what I have learned over the past years and to help others who have similar stories, struggles or who have never ventured into a gym to come and feel comfortable. I want to help you get started on a stronger, healthier and happier version of yourself. We all start somewhere and Foundation Fitness is a great place to start!

Personal Trainer:  Denis LaBreche 

I have been involved in strength sports for over 10 years as an athlete and coach.  In that time, I have competed or been invited to some of the biggest shows and meets in the world.  But my experience goes far beyond strength sports as I have worked with clients who are completely new to a gym environment to elite athletes and everyone in between.

Through a focus on proper movement quality and building strength I can help you achieve whatever your goals might be. Whether that is to step onto a powerlifting platform for the first time or to be able to chase your kids around the park without being sore for days!

No goal is irrelevant. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get active and no one reason is any more important than another!

I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and I am constantly looking for new information to help myself and my clients to achieve their goals.  I am looking to build my in person training clientele, and would love to start working with you!

To book a consultation or session, email Denis at [email protected] or contact us to get started today.

Personal Trainer:  Simon Stewart  

I have always had a passion for health and fitness and I have been an athlete my entire life, playing competitive hockey and volleyball. I got into the gym 20 years ago to continue my fitness journey into my adulthood. I began being unfamiliar with the equipment and I stuck mainly to running on the treadmill and doing some curls with the dumbbells.  After a few years of plateaued performance I took personal training sessions and gained the understanding, confidence, and experience in the gym that helped me reach my personal goals.  In 2017, I decided to take part in my very first Bodybuilding competition and that kickstarted my competitive fire and pushed me to keep trying to do better. 
I competed again in 2021 with two organizations (WNBF and NPAA) and put forth my best package I've ever had, placing 2nd and 3rd, and I continue to pursue my competing goals.
I have had the experience of working with multiple coaches throughout my years and have adapted my own coaching style to take the best attributes of all those coaches and make it my own.  I obtained my Nutrition Certification in 2021 through Precision Nutrition, and my Personal Training Certificate through Strive Life in 2022.  I continue to strive to be the best athlete I can be and to better understand the ins and outs of the movements and body so now I can share my love and knowledge of fitness with everyone.
I am providing online coaching for nutrition and workout programming, as well as in gym personal training to focus on building strength and achieving proper form.  I strive to help build confidence in the gym and in yourself to work toward your personal goals.

To book a consultation or session, email Simon at [email protected] or contact us to get started today.

Personal Trainer:  Madison Handford  

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach through ISSA & NSCA. I also have a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts. I have been working full time in the fitness industry for the past 3 years with clients varying from beginners to athletes.

After growing up as an athlete in dance and cheerleading, I went on to train dancers for over 10 years. This experience gave me so many opportunities both creatively and professionally with flexibility and mobility training. I also had the chance to be a Rider Cheerleader in 2013 & 2014.

Fitness has helped me transform my mental health for the better, especially the last few years. Having a holistic, positive, and long-term wellness approach has made me see fitness & nutrition as something that is sustainable for everyone once you find what works for you. 

To book a consultation or session with Madison, email her at:  [email protected] or contact us to get started today!

Personal Trainer:  Nancy Krismer  

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 6 years. I have Certifications in Personal Trainer and Nutrition through ISSA, as well as a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology majoring in Human Kinetics through the University of Regina.

I’ve played softball since I was 4 years old and have represented Saskatchewan at 4 national championships. My athletic background is what first introduced me into the fitness world. From having a personal trainer growing up, to moving schools to a sports academy during high school, I have always been entertained by fitness and learned very early how important a healthy lifestyle can be when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

During my studies I worked as a group fitness trainer which showed me how much I love sharing my passion and education with others and being able to see the positive impact on their lives. Upon finishing my degree, I transitioned to rehabilitation where I currently work as an exercise therapist. Having the ability to slow down and focus on recovery when your body needs it most is a skill I had to learn and have valued ever since.

My biggest take home in my career thus far has been that every person experiences everything differently – it is so important to find what works for YOU. I love helping people find their full potential and watching them grow mentally and physically.

To book a consultation or session with Nancy, email her at: [email protected] or contact us to get started today!

Strength & Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer: 

Leslie Genoway  

Leslie Genoway was born and raised in Regina. She is a graduate of the University of Regina with a Degree in Kinesiology and Psychology, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), a Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) with Can-Fit-Pro and an NCCP Certified Coach.

Leslie has participated in many other organized sports and fitness programs, right from the age of 4 months up to this present day. Leslie played on the National Team for competitive water polo and was a competitive swimmer with the Regina Optimist Dolphins. Leslie continues to strive to maintain a high level of commitment to her own personal health and fitness by training daily, playing Ultimate Frisbee, playing water polo, swimming, biking, hiking, and golf. Beyond her years as a committed competitive athlete, Leslie taught swimming lessons for the City of Regina and at the University of Regina, instructed programs for children and teen girls at risk, worked with special need children, and coached various water polo programs from the beginner to the National level. Leslie has been committed to the health, fitness and athletic training industry in Regina since 2002. Her experience includes the lead for various fitness training groups, individual personal training, injury rehabilitation exercise therapy, sport specific preparation training for individuals and teams, strength and conditioning training regimens for the development of elite athletes and sports teams.

Leslie believes that physical fitness is a critical component to maintaining great health and to attaining optimum performance in every area of our lives, whatever our goals and endeavours might be. Leslie has a passion for health, wellness and fitness, as well as a keen entrepreneurial spirit.  Leslie recognized this as she built a team of the finest health and fitness professionals who were passionately committed to wellness, and owned and operated LG FITNESS within the the Regina community for 15 years! 

"The best part of my job is helping others set and reach their health and fitness goals, and being a part of the amazing positive transformation that occurs along the way."

To book a consultation or session with Leslie, email her at: [email protected] or contact us to get started today!


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