Foundation Client Transformation: Janna

Foundation client Janna has been working hard over the past months in Group Training to no only change her appearance but feel better about herself.  

She started in the fall of 2013, weighing about 183lbs, size 12 and wearing L/XL shirts. Now spring into April 2014 and she is down 30lbs, size 6 and wearing M /S shirts!!

This is the feedback from Janna in regards to her healthy lifestyle transformation.

My Journey to the Stage.

Transformations of any sort do not happen overnight.  All to often people seek the quick, fast, and easy way to get results.  The only true way to get RESULTS is with hard work, dedication and perseverence!

In my journey to the stage once again, I am currently working on Week 8. Not quite half way there yet but every change and progress makes a difference along the way.  I would not have it any other way, and after all it’s all about improving myself and being better than I was at the last show.