Jaime’s WNBF Pro/Am Show Results

Well our fearless leader had a few goals and dreams to achieve and SHE DID!! Here is what Jaime had to post and say about her victory in the WNBF Pro/Am Intercontinental Show in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021. SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID!!! (My lock screen on my phone this prep) It’s still sinking in …

Client Transformation – Sheldon

Sheldon’s dedication to giving the 12 week nutrition program a go was great news after his awesome wife Andrea purchased a gift certificate for his 40th birthday gift!  I knew the changes not only physical but an overall lifestyle change would be important for Sheldon!

Over the duration of the program he has really asked questions, sought my advice for traveling and work events, checked in every week, held himself accountable and learnt new habits and behaviors in order to adapt this healthier way of eating, training and living.  I see that smile and sparkle as he is not only looking better but feeling better, sleeping better, has more energy and is working hard during his workouts!  He truly is fueling his body to perform better on a daily basis, and that makes me a PROUD coach!

2016 – New Year, New Beginnings!

As 2016 fastly approaches, we often get involved in all the Hype of a New year, New you!  It’s all too often where we jump into a half assed goal or resolution we set for ourselves, only to dive full tilt into it and in 1 month when it’s not working or you don’t see the immediate results, and QUIT!

Being healthy and living an active lifestyle is not a fade, quick fix, 1/4 year hobby or job.  It should be an everyday event that occurs in your life in one shape or form. Having said that, doing something is always better than nothing, and I continually advise others to find something you enjoy and just do it!

News & Updates – Post Competition

It’s been awhile since I posted a blog.  I have been busy going from training mode for my competitions this year to training my clients, being a mother, doing household and yardwork tasks, camping and spending time with family & friends…

My success this year can only be described in a phrase I kept rehearsing to myself over and over while getting near the end of my journey. “This is my Year of Glorification!”  It so happens that this is my in-laws message this year for their church, how ironic.  I have been blessed in so many ways, and where to start is the question.

December Challenge – Courtesy of FF Client

Stay moving and active during the festive season!


Warm up 5-10mins of any cardio exercise you enjoy (walk, jog, bike, stairs, jumping jacks, etc) and stretch.

*Take your time to complete each rep properly.

October – PLANK Challenge, Are you in?

Print off the challenge above and check mark each day that you complete the challenge.  * Even if you forget one day, keep on going, it’s a challenge for yourself more than anything!

By Nov. 1st, email or hand in your sheet and your name will be entered to win a prize for completion.  (all days need to be completed and you cannot combine days, hint 30 days)

Box Jumps

Box Jumps have become one of my favorite exercises for HIIT training and lower body development.  Having a strong lower body, and core are essential when executing mid to high box jumps.  As you get stronger and have more range of movement in your lower body, you can achieve alot of HIIT/PLYO exercises.

Always warm up and stretch. Practice makes perfect, and yes even I do miss the high boxes at times, which is not good as it takes a toll on  your shins, lol.

September Challenge – Rounds of 25


Warm up 5-10mins of any cardio exercise you enjoy (walk, jog, bike, stairs, jumping jacks, etc) and stretch.

*Take your time to complete each rep properly.

25 – Jumping Squats

25 – Speed Crunches (hands to knees/bent knee position)

25 – Burpees

25 – Reverse Crunches

Exercise to Improve your Mood

We have all experienced those days where it starts off by sleeping in, spilling our coffee, being stuck in traffic, late for work, too many errands to do and little time for ourselves or exercise alone.  Exercise has been proven to improve your mood and reduce stress.  Let’s face it WE all have tough days, it’s how you handle and overcome those days that will make you stronger!  Take a deep breath, its just a bad day, not a bad life.