Why Personal Training; by Jaime Otitoju

Why Personal Training? 

I have recently been thinking about the changes within the fitness industry over the last two decades and how it relates to my career, training and being a business owner. 

Rewind to the year 1999 when I started my work experience term at Ricco’s II, a gym in the Regina Inn (now the Double Tree hotel).  After 2 weeks, I got hired as an employee and really LOVED working there!  I was in Highschool, playing Rugby competitively, working in a gym, working out myself, and doing all the fun things you do in your late teen’s.   As I was working at Ricco’s, I got to know a few of the other trainers, aerobic instructors, members and therapist’s. I would see them interact with others, motivate, inspire and train their clients on a daily basis.  I truly thought this would be SO cool, started asking questions all the time and knew this was something I could do well and would love doing it too!

When Ricco’s II closed and I started working at BodyWorks Health & Fitness (another gym), I remember reaching out to one of the trainer’s who had their own PT (Personal Training) business, and he helped me look into and confirm what course and route I wanted to take in getting certified as a PT.  I then went through the studying process, took my 1st test in Minneapolis, and failed it.  I went back to studying my butt off and knew I was going to pass the next time, so off I went to Vancouver and wrote the test a second time at U of B.C., I PASSED!!

Long story short, I got out of Personal Training in the early 2000’s, as I simply got burnt out from always being in the gym, trying to be a competitive Rugby player and also compete in Bodybuilding shows.  I went on to do Administrative work, which has helped immensely in learning, developing experience and gaining knowledge in various different industries and areas of an office and business operations.  This was the same time, getting married, buying a house and starting a family was very important to me and a new phase in life.

While I was on mat leave with my 2nd child and youngest daughter, I began running boot camps outside at our local greenspace, most often biking with my girls bike trailer and equipment I had in the basement.  I was loving the challenge, and helping others get into shape, exercise and enjoy their workouts.  It brought such joy to me and fulfillment that it was then, I knew I was meant to do this as a career. 

So in 2011 and 2012, I decided to start studying again to re write the Personal Training exam since my certification had expired.  I wanted to ensure I was up to date with the material, current fitness industry and also validate my knowledge moving forward.  January 2013, I officially passed the exam again after heading to the Moose Jaw SIAST building. (a rear change in times with a closer exam location).  I then got the process rolling for insurance, and adding more equipment to use in our basement with the clients I was already training and helping along in their own fitness journey.  

So in 2014, my husband and I created my own Private Training Studio in our attached double garage and I began training in the early mornings, evenings and weekends while still working in my administrative role.  My goal was always to build and maintain a strong client base through connection, rapport and training abilities to do this FULL TIME and as MY CAREER!!  I kept working, producing results for my clients and then an opportunity to expand to another facility in Regina at the end of 2015 came up, so I took the giant leap of faith! 

Fast forward to 2018, I took a risk, stepped totally out of my comfort zone and decided to chase my dream!  So, that is when I partnered with one of my clients, and opened up the new health and fitness center, Foundation Fitness in the fall of 2018.  I had several obstacles and challenges come our way, and ended up re-opening in March 2019 and the rest is history!

Now to this day in March 2021, I am reflecting on how life is truly amazing, God is good and I have the BEST people (and I mean that 1000x) supporting and inspiring me to be better each new day as a trainer, business owner and woman in this industry!

So to answer the question, “Why Personal Training?”, I really got into Personal Training to encourage, inspire and support others in their own fitness journey!  I want to INPSIRE you to be become the best you can in whatever you choose to do in your own health and fitness journey!   This includes providing the tools for you to do this on your own, become stronger for everyday life, healthier so you can feel good and happier for life!

We all have challenges, obstacles, hills and mountains to climb but with hard work, a positive attitude and perseverance you CAN DO ANYTHING you set your MIND TO!  #mindovermatter


In closing, feel free to reach out anytime via email with comments, questions, or to seek guidance on your own fitness journey or career journey in the health and fitness industry!

Yours truly, 

Jaime Otitoju, CPT

Foundation Fitness

Email:  [email protected]