Inspiration is defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

This is often a topic not discussed but should be more often with others.   My role as a Personal Trainer, Female business owner, and coach often leads me to conversations where I actively communicate my desire to Inspiring Others!  *The late and great Kobe Bryant’s quote below is one I stand behind and reinforce as much as possible! (He was a Basketball idol for me growing up and I truly admired his passion, work ethic and heart in being the BEST he could be!)

Members, clients, family members and fans basically always comment that my Social Media pages, posts, quotes, videos and so forth are very inspiring to them and they feel the positivity I am trying to portray and often motivates them to do better and be more!

My response to them is always, “Thank you!”  “I am trying my best.  My focus is always to inspire someone in a positive and healthy manner!” 

Often this leaves them thankful, appreciative and encouraged to keep pushing themselves, working hard towards their goals and inspired to challenge themselves to reach for excellence!

How are you Inspired to reach your goals and dreams?  How are you Inspiring others around you on a daily basis?  How are you Inspiring your family to live a healthy and active lifestyle?  Who Inspires you?

These are great questions to reflect upon and answer at some point when working on self improvement in your life. 

As always, feel free to provide comments, feedback or open dialogue via email with me anytime!

Yours truly,