2017 Updates & 2018 News!

2017 Updates & 2018 News!

2017 has been an exciting year for me.  I decided to switch up my training at the beginning of March and train Strongwoman.  So naturally, I hired a coach as I have no experience directly in training for a strength sport.  I trained for 6 weeks with fellow colleague & strength coach, Denis LaBreche and entered my first show in April – Test Your Mettle at Mettle Performance Training Center (pics are below).

I placed 3rd in my first show and truly enjoyed pushing myself, seeing the changes and progress I had quickly made and to really see what I could do as an athlete!

Left picture: Log press; 115lbs – my max was 120lbs!

Right picture: Deadlift; 319lbs – my max was just that!


Fast forward to October 31st of this year and I have competed in 5 shows!!!  I am amazed and proud of my progress, dedication and the hard work I have put in over the past 7.5 months. Even though I have been hitting the gym since Highschool (Yes that’s more than 18 years ago!), and played competitive Rugby for over 10 years, the feeling of being strong, healthy, and making your muscles and body perform for you is remarkable!  “I am not where I started, and have far to go but with hard work, time and patience anything is possible!”

The new approach and focus on technique has also allowed me to learn and grow as a coach and personal trainer.  I have tightened up on utilizing these skills during my Group Training classes, personal training clients and also my online program clients.  I am eager as ever to help all my clients achieve their goals, reach to new levels and live a healthy & active lifestyle.  As I always say; “hard work pays” and most often we focus too much on being perfect but it’s the consistency that counts!!

That being said my clients, family & friends have been asking me lately, “When are you competing or doing your BodyBuilding/Physique show next?” I have been pondering over this for awhile during this off season.  My answer has been, “I don’t know”.  I know all about the hard work, dedication, sacrifices & passion I poured into competing over the last 5 years since becoming a mother to achieve a lifelong dream.  I still remember the moment very clear and it still seems surreal but I did it!!!  I earned a Professional Level status as a World Natural BodyBuilding Federation – Ms.Fit Body athlete. (Pictures below from 2015 & 2016)

-21 Jamie Otitoju - INBFCANADA PHOTO TEAM--9-ZF-0857-72553-1-001-004 -21 Jamie Otitoju - INBFCANADA PHOTO TEAM--8-ZF-0857-72553-1-001-003studio-inbf-canada-53-zf-1798-67066-1-001-001

Rolling into 2018, I have committed to myself & my coach to continue training and competing in Strongwoman, it’s so exciting!!!  The level of athletes, the strength community is so awesome at pushing each other to become better and the support is so great to see!! It reminds me of being a team player during my Rugby years.  I want to stay healthy, put in the work to get stronger and better at the events so I can pursue this sport for as long as I can, and be the BEST version of myself!  Otherwise there is always Powerlifting! lol.  I am not ruling out or saying I am retiring from ever competing on stage again, it’s just not in my plan for a few years or more, but when the time is right, I WILL kick butt again and bring my BEST!!

One last thing, a HUGE shoutout to ALL my supporters!!! My family #1, my coaches, my team at Mettle, my clients, friends, sponsors and everyone who takes the time to believe in me, support me, inspire & encourage me!  Much Love to you all, xoxo

So no matter what your goal is; Decide – Commit & Succeed! 

Follow my training & journey on:

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Stay Focused & Train Hard!!


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