We are an official CPU Certified Training Center

We are recognized with the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) as a Certified Training Center!

Canadian Powerlifting Union
Shane Martin, CPU President
CPU Training Centers Project
[email protected]

Hello Foundation Fitness,

On behalf of all of us at the Canadian Powerlifting Union, congratulations on your certification as the newest
CPU Training Center.

CPU Powerlifting recognizes specific training facilities nationwide as Certified Training Centres (CTC). These CTCs
function as a means of promoting the sport of powerlifting, providing a physical location for our athletes to
train, and fostering positive community impact. They also serve as locations for powerlifting related events and
education. Your organization will be listed on the CPU website for all to see in hopes we can provide a network
of CPU friendly gyms all across the country!

The CPU is excited to have your organization a part of the CPU and we look forward to many big lifts, memories,
and healthy training within your walls!

Shane Martin