8 week session:  starts February 26th, 2024

Monday and Wednesday - 6:00AM  *2 spots open

Monday and Wednesday - 6:00PM  *2 spots open

Tuesday and Thursday - 5:45AM  *drop ins available

*Email us to inquire on joining Kirstie's class.

Tuesday and Thursday - 5:30PM *4 spots open and *drop ins available

*Email us to register or inquire on this new class starting in 2024!

Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Monday - 12:00PM  *drop ins available

Wednesday - 7:00PM *drop ins available

*Email us to inquire or register for this group, Monday is a new potential day for 2024!

Email:  [email protected]  or [email protected]

Tuesday and Thursday - 6:00PM  *3 spots open and *drop ins available

MEN's ONLY group to focus on muscle building, strength and conditioning.

*Email us to inquire or register for this class, open to teenagers and up!

Email:  [email protected]  or [email protected]

Monday & Wednesday - 6:30PM  *Monday only has 2 spots open

This class is for kids ages 8 - 12/13, to learn about fitness in a gym environment, work on their agility, balance, strength, cardio, core and most importantly have FUN with positive encouragement!

*Class information will be emailed to all interested or registered and payment is required monthly.
*Contact us by email to be on the interest/registration list as class limit is 6 and fills up quickly.

Saturday - 8:30AM  **this group will start once 6 are registered.

60 minute class is all about fundamentals of power training.  Scaled for everybody from beginners to advanced lifters.  No experience required.

*Email us to register or inquire on this class.

Email:  [email protected]  or [email protected]

Saturday - 7:00AM  *2 spots open

Email us to register for this added Saturday morning class!

Email:  [email protected]  or [email protected]

Friday - 6:00AM  *FULL


NEW Group Training Classes:  Can be formed on a specific day or time, please email us to inquire or set this up today with one of our trainers.  Minimum 6 registered for group training rates or the new rates apply.  

*ALL Group Training Classes run on a commitment level basis with a minimum of 6 registered to start a group for the full 8 week session.  If less than the required, the NEW rates apply. 

*Classes will be lost and expired if not used/missed/late/cancelled within that same week, during the 8 weeks and do not carry over to any future sessions. NO exceptions!

*If a class is cancelled by the trainer, we will try our best to make up a different day/time to fulfill that class during the same week during the 8 week session. 

*All prices are subject to GST.

*Payment is due upon registration.  Payment arrangements can be made if required and processed with your coach.

NEW CLASSES AVAILABLE, contact us or one of our Personal Trainers!



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