Foundation Fitness Updated Facility Guidelines (Covid-19)


UPDATES as of Friday, September 17th, 2021:  

Masks are again, MANDATORY when in the facility at all times (unless drinking or eating). 

UPDATES as of Friday, October 1st, 2021.

Effective October 1, 2021 a provincial requirement for proof of vaccination or negative test will be implemented for the facility. **Please email or see Jaime directly or your trainer/coach to provide proof. 

All our NEW facility guidelines below are effective, July 11th, 2021.

*Failure to consistently follow our facility guidelines, will result in immediate termination of your gym membership and card access to our facility.  


Effective July 11th, 2021; ALL persons are NOT required to wear a non-medical mask within the facility, however it’s a personal choice if you decide to wear one, which we fully respect! 

• All members are required to wipe their access card when entering the facility at all times. 
• Upon entering the facility, please wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer we will have on the front reception desk.
• Staff members may still continue to complete a screening by asking if you have any sicknesses upon arriving to the facility. If you answer YES to any of the related questions, you will not be allowed to enter the facility.
• Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, severe health issues or are not feeling well in general, should stay home and not attempt to enter the gym facility for the health and safety of everyone.


Effective July 11th, 2021; All NEW members are required to set up an appointment with Jaime for a tour and/or membership sign up.  New clients will have appointments scheduled with their appointed trainer/coach. 

Staffed Hours;
*Note: Hours may be adjusted or changed based on business needs and will be communicated and posted on our website and google accordingly.
• Due to the space, size and layout of our facility, we believe we can safely accommodate all members while maintaining appropriate distancing. This includes the main gym floor area, upper gym floor and outside area for training purposes. Staff members will closely monitor to ensure efficient space, distancing and cooperation by all in the facility.
• NEW members and clients will be welcomed and possibly capped to ensure compliance with all guidelines as required at this time.
• Sales and Payments; all transactions for services and memberships will be handled online at this time via member set ups and accounts. We will primarily accept email money transfer and credit card (Visa & Mastercard) for purchases. If required, the debit terminal will be available at reception and disinfected before and after each use.
• Music will be managed by one of the Staff members at the gym on a daily basis. The tablet for music and member check-in will be behind the reception desk and operated by staff or require disinfecting after use.


Effective July 11th, 2021;  The use of our showers are open with towel service for members.  We will ensure all showers are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly after each use or we ask you to utilize the spray provided after use if no staff is present. 

We will have all  washrooms available for members and clients to utilize while at the facility. 
• Please do your part to disinfect and clean the washroom as required during and after use, including anything you have touched, or soiled.
• Staff will clean and disinfect the washrooms on a regular basis each day.
• We encourage you to please do your best to come to the gym already in your workout attire or with less personal belongings.
• If you must bring in a gym bag or purse, please keep in 1 spot/area or keep your belongings together while you workout.


Effective July 11th, 2021; ALL persons are NOT required to wear a non-medical mask within the facility.  However, if you choose to wear a non-medical mask at anytime, that is a personal choice and we support you OR if you feel you require to wear a mask at anytime during your fitness routine/set, please do so to be courteous and respectful to everyone.

• We will do our best to ensure equipment is spaced out accordingly. Equipment that can be moved for use to accommodate training styles, and distancing as required and put back into place after cleaning it.
• Please do your best to maintain appropriate distancing at all times and avoid congregating in close groups with others.
• Children, family or friends who are not working out are not allowed in the facility at this time. Only people working out will be allowed in the facility.
• Feel free to bring your own personal equipment if possible while you workout, IE: mats, rollers, bands, mobility items, etc.
• If you are needing a “spot” during a lift, side spots will be allowed to ensure the safety of all our members in the facility.
• Please ensure you bring your own water bottle or two to the gym. The water fountain will be available to re-fill water bottles.
• The Chalk bowls will no longer be available at this time. Feel free to bring your own chalk in a container or liquid chalk and use responsibly. Ensure you wash your hands after use and try to prevent the chalk from being all over the place as it will be less for you to clean up afterwards. If you absolutely require chalk, please see a staff member for assistance.
• Overhead doors and the back man-doors can and will be kept open as much as possible to allow for sufficient airflow in the facility and allow for social distancing during rest periods. We will also have the ceiling fans on to help with airflow.


• During Group training and Personal training, we will strive to keep appropriate distance and disinfecting of equipment will be completed by the trainers and clients.
• Our 24-hour notice for cancellation of personal training and group training sessions will be strictly enforced. You will be charged or loose a session.

• Staff members will be conducting regular inspecting, cleaning and disinfecting throughout the facility on a more frequent basis.
• Cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be supplied as normal in the facility. You are required to wipe down and sanitize equipment before and after each use. If you need assistance at anytime, please see a staff member.
• Paper towels will be provided for wiping equipment down. Please dispose of them properly after use. No cloths will be used at this time.
• Regular hand washing will be required by all members, clients and trainers. Hand sanitizers will be available at reception and in the main gym area.
• Signage will be displayed throughout the facility to remind you of proper social distancing, cleaning/wiping of equipment and hygiene protocols.

We appreciate your cooperation and support while you are in utilizing our facility!


Foundation Fitness
Management Team