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Laying the Foundation for Fat Loss

You will never feel every agonizing tick of the clock quite like you do when you are trying to lose bodyfat. It’s like the world stops turning as you wait for your body to transform. Results never seem to come as quickly as we want them to. Ever.

I have clients that have progressed at lightning speed, yet they still frequently ask how we can speed up the already sped up. I don’t blame them! We live in a time where instant gratification is the name of the game. We want everything faster and quicker, and physique change is no different.

Tasty Brownie Receipe

If you are having a chocolate craving but want something on the healthy side, check out this delicious Brownie recipe my sis made me after my show a few weeks ago.  It was great!

Importance of Water Intake

The importance of drinking water is often talked about, and I often preach this to my clients, kids, family, and others.  Our brain often confuses thirst for hunger.  Therefore if you are looking to loose weight, try drinking a class of water versus eating and consuming extra calories. Ensure you are staying hydrated with water during the day to keep your fluid intake in check.

Here are several more reasons to drink more water.  So drink up!

5 Popular Diets Reviewed

Throughout my years of working out, training and being involved in several competitions, the only nutrition program that truly works is a balanced, healthy lifestyle that is consistently geared around YOUR own plan and goals.  Not every plan is the same for everyone.  Therefore, work hard, stay focused and be consistent.  Hard work and Results will come with patience and persistance.  As they say “Rome was not built in one day” , so neither will your desired physique.

Protein Pancakes

Here are some ideas for a good healthy breakfast.  The whole family enjoys pancakes, so why not make them fresh and from scratch, ensuring you know the ingredients added.

Try and Enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes, Banana Walnut Cinnamon Protein Pancakes and Blueberry Lemon Protein Pancakes.

Sugar Shock – Experts say it’s time to tame that Sweet tooth!

Being an ACE certified trainer, provides me with excellent information on new studies, research and findings in health today.  This article is a great one to read as our society has higher obesity rates than previous years.

Take the time, read and see how you can make a difference in YOUR life and in your families.  Moderation is key.

Knowledge is wealth and so is your health!

Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

During my training program, I have been enjoying pure pumpkin.  It’s a great source of fibrous carbohydrates for any meal plan.  Add a dash of cinnamon and stevia to it, and it’s a delicous snack!

Pumpkin Pancakes
Perfect pre and post workoutsnack
Make a large amount and put a few servings in the freezer

5 Common Weight-loss Mistakes

Sure, you feel like you’ve got an edge on weight loss by cutting an entire meal’s worth of calories from your day. However, this backfires. Research shows that people who skip meals, particularly breakfast, are more likely to be overweight. In fact, they typically end up so overly hungry at their next meal that they can’t make a rationale decision to choose a healthy option—and what’s more, they give themselves the license to eat more than they should, justifying the extra because they ate less earlier in the day.