Deadlift 4 Cancer

We are hosting the Regina location for @deadlift4cancer Saturday, November 2nd at Foundation Fitness 11AM with warm ups starting around 10am Join today and come deadlift for a great cause and have FUN! *You don’t need to be a FF member or client to join us! Registration is $35 and can be done online: Supplement King Regina will be …

Foundation Fitness Annual Newsletter!

A HUGE THANK YOU to you all for another amazing year with Foundation Fitness and giving me the opportunity to coach and train you all to achieve your goals and live a healthy, active lifestyle!   I truly am grateful for you all and I love what I do!

Please feel free to email me anytime with feedback, comments or suggestions for the upcoming year for the studio and/or myself as a trainer.

2017 Updates & 2018 News!

2017 has been an exciting year for me.  I decided to switch up my training at the beginning of March and train Strongwoman.  So naturally, I hired a coach as I have no experience directly in training for a strength sport.  I trained for 6 weeks with fellow colleague & strength coach, Denis LaBreche and entered my first show in April – Test Your Mettle at Mettle Performance Training Center

Are you moving in a functional way?

All too often we get muscle stiffness, strains, sprains, injuries and everyday muscle aches…  When this typically occurs and reoccurs when training my regular clients, I tend to watch closely and analyze movement patterns during exercise and when needed refer clients to get a FMS (Functional Movement Screening) assessment/screening completed with Dennis Smythe of Smythe Fitness.  My belief is, if you cannot properly move efficiently within movement patterns or complete compound movements pain free then you should not be applying force or weight resistance to your training!

Thank you to ALL my 2016 Sponsors!

Shoutout to ALL my sponsors this competition year (A few have been for years and I truly appreciate it!)
I am extremely grateful & humbled by the support from my family, friends and clients in making competing for me a little easier so thank you all!

If you need a house/condo to buy, rent or build, any/all real estate needs, rentals, commercial property, flooring of all kinds or new tires/maintenance on your vehicle, contact one of them today!!!

Foundation Fitness Apparel

Available for purchase In Studio or by order is the newly designed FF apparel by Brandwear, Gildan Performance and Bella Canvas.

Brandwear is a high quality workout and casual line which is hitting shelves, stores and sporting teams by storm!

Brandwear products are made with 70% Rayon Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Client Transformation – Sheldon

Sheldon’s dedication to giving the 12 week nutrition program a go was great news after his awesome wife Andrea purchased a gift certificate for his 40th birthday gift!  I knew the changes not only physical but an overall lifestyle change would be important for Sheldon!

Over the duration of the program he has really asked questions, sought my advice for traveling and work events, checked in every week, held himself accountable and learnt new habits and behaviors in order to adapt this healthier way of eating, training and living.  I see that smile and sparkle as he is not only looking better but feeling better, sleeping better, has more energy and is working hard during his workouts!  He truly is fueling his body to perform better on a daily basis, and that makes me a PROUD coach!

Spring Group Training – Starts Feb.29th!!

To be BETTER, I believe you must surround yourself with others who will motivate, push and inspire you!

SPRING SESSION #1 – Group Strength Training

Days and times available below, REGISTER ASAP to secure your spot and get ready to work hard ladies and gents!

Client Transformation – Jeannine

Client testimony time!! Jeannine has been working hard and her progress shows. She is set on achieving her OWN goals and always works hard! I am super proud as a coach to watch her grow, be better and stronger!

Here is her testimony about the 12 week nutrition program and training with me at Foundation Fitness!

2016 – New Year, New Beginnings!

As 2016 fastly approaches, we often get involved in all the Hype of a New year, New you!  It’s all too often where we jump into a half assed goal or resolution we set for ourselves, only to dive full tilt into it and in 1 month when it’s not working or you don’t see the immediate results, and QUIT!

Being healthy and living an active lifestyle is not a fade, quick fix, 1/4 year hobby or job.  It should be an everyday event that occurs in your life in one shape or form. Having said that, doing something is always better than nothing, and I continually advise others to find something you enjoy and just do it!